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Fantage: Starry Night Prom



Fantage’s Starry Night Prom is now released! Check back later for tips, tricks, hints, and more!

Limited Items


Nothing for nonmembers :3

But nonmembers can get the dance costumes! The yellow one is for nons.


Who should Michelle go out with?

Vote! (Seriously Fantage? You’re teaching kids that other people should decide who you go out with. Not educational. And not very appropriate for their age.)


And to make things worse, Kawaii’s future prom dates are trying to bribe Fantagians into voting for them.


They’ll be standing Downtown. Click on them to see why they want to date Kawaii. (Is it just me, or is Zack cheating on Michelle…?)


The Dance Floor

You’ll find the prom happening at the beach.


To dance, I’m pretty sure you have to wear a premium member dance costume. Just go to “START”, and you’ll automatically start dancing.


The Limo

Don’t forget to catch a ride on the limo! It’ll appear Downtown every few minutes, so just be patient.


The inside is pretty cool :)


Click on “EXIT” any time to go to the prom.

Event Movie

Click the sign below to watch the movie. :mrgreen:


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Author: ➶Cstar

hi i'm cstar and my hobbies include not posting for 10 weeks straight, reading css coding, and stalking people i've never met. if i give you firsts or start a conversation with you you're pretty special. i forgive but never forget. i never learn before i fall and i have this self esteem problem where i hate myself but i still think i'm better than everyone else. i think the most important quality in a person is confidence. i'm single by choice only it's not really my choice. i've been waiting all my life and now i've found you i don't know what to do. understand my life is easy when i ain't around you x

12 thoughts on “Fantage: Starry Night Prom

  1. Why do they have “Zack” on the voting thing when Zack is supposed to be Michelle’s guy?…


  2. I liked last Year’s prom better :(


  3. Fantage’s attempt to “kidproof it up” has majorly failed. I mean you don’t go to prom with a guy just so you get something outta it!


  4. Michelle “doesnt feel well,and Kawaii is their friend”


  5. Ok, the voting thing is ridiculous.
    2. Are they seriously bribing us to vote for them? And the prizes are kinda lame (except for the superhero cape, thats pretty awesome.)
    3. They’re making us pay 5 stars to vote?! More taxing, Fantage?!
    4. This “relationship” thing is just getting out of hand. First Michelle and Zack, now Kawaii? Fantage, keep in mind 7-11 year olds play this.

    They’re getting less and less creative…And they should make Prom more authentic with actually voting for queen and king. Like last year. When the events didn’t suck.



  6. Michelle says she just want Kawaii to be happy lol. Saw on FB~


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